Colin Cowherd Says Raiders will be “#1 Dumpster Fire in NFL”

Today Colin Cowherd said on his show that the Oakland Raiders are the #1 dumpster fire team and I have never heard such an atrocity come out of any man’s mouth. Out of all the teams in the NFL the Raiders are somehow going to be the worst, the same Raiders that made the playoffs two years ago and went a decent 6-10 last year (decent, wasn’t a great year but Carr was hurt and their were other factors, didn’t mind the high pick at all either). A bigger trash fire than the Dolphins? The Browns? The Jets? Really Colin? The Raiders won’t even be the biggest trash fire in the AFC West!! Yes, some people are worried about Gruden, yes he hasn’t coached in a while, and yes he is showing footage from the 70s but I am not worried because you know what that guys fucking eats, sleeps, and breathes football so I’m not worried he’s been in the booth because he probably still watched more film than 27 out of the 30 coaches in the league while he was doing ESPN. And showing old film? You know who else is a biggest advocate for knowing the history of the game? A guy named Bill Belichick, he’s won a few super bowls I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of him Colin. So don’t tell me Gruden won’t turn this ship around. He’s brought in a great staff and had a good draft, fixed up the linebacking that was not good last year outside or Irvin and Mack. And no I’m not worried about Khalil holding out. We’re six days into camp, he is going to sign a deal at some point and for some reason I have a feeling he won’t need much  time getting into peak form. He got some interior D Linemen and most importantly took a tackle #1 and #2 to shore up the side across from Donald Penn.


Listen, we still have Derek Carr the next great QB in this league. Mack is coming back. He still have beast mode, we brought on Doug Martin and have one of the best lines in the league. Amari Cooper has yet to break out and Gruden talks about how much he fits in the system, and don’t forget Jordy Nelson over from playing with Rodgers. Our offense might lead the league, and yes there are some questions on D but it won’t fucking matter. The AFC West is ours, the Chargers are already all injured, the Broncos haven’t been a threat since Peyton left and Mahomes will throw more picks for KC than Andy Reid will waste timeouts in the first quarter. Cowherd’s gonna be eating a steaming pile of crow come December.

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