TheSportsAlien Podcast #3

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TheSportsAlien Podcast #3 is the premier podcast thus far. We talk Kawhi, Jabari, Manny Machado, and more.

0:40-1:04 Who is involved in the Kawhi trade?

1:05-10:26 Which team won the Kawhi-Derozan swap? Insightful look for both sides

10:27-15:37 Best Raptor of all-time? Vince Carter, Chris Bosh, or DeMar DeRozan?

15:38-16:55 Best all-around roster in the East? Who wins the East?

16:56-27:07 NBA Summer League takeaways (Best player? Who made the largest impacts?)

27:08-30:20 Damian Lillard’s potential fit next to Lebron

30:21-31:51 Does Jabari Parker fit on the Bulls? (Drew got a selfie with him, no big deal)

31:52-33:44 Sam’s pros of Jabari on the Bulls

33:45-33:52 Shout out to Drew from an avid TheSportsAlien fan

33:53-36:24 Sam’s cons of signing Jabari on the Bulls

36:25-36:39 Shouting out former Bulls (IE: Brad Miller, Ben Wallace, Tyrus Thomas)

36:40-37:22 Ben Gordon Update (Legal troubles)

37:23-41:26 Rolling the dice on another hometown hero

41:27-44:51 Jahlil Okafor to the Bulls? Weighing the upsides and downsides

44:52-47:14 Are the Bulls tanking this season?

47:15-52:37 All-Star Game and Mike Trout being as recognizable as Kenneth Faried

52:38-54:20 Josh Hader controversial tweets

54:21-55:08 TheSportsAlien Hot Take of the Day

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