Nelson Cruz was live for Jean Segura’s Go-Ahead Home Run


Nelson Cruz has been known for having his phone during All-Star games. Last year he took a selfie with Joe West. This year he has been live for much of the game including during the at bat in which his “amigo” Jean Segura went yard to put the AL up 5-2 at the time.

Best moments include:

About 10 seconds in, Nelson wills Joey Votto to drop a pop up that fell in the dugout over the railing. “Drop it like it’s hot”

0:45- Segura goes yard followed by an absolutely ELECTRIC reaction from Cruz, Salvador Perez, and the Spanish section of the AL All star team.

1:20- Cruz greets his “amigo” Segura then says some shit in Spanish before some guy in the background goes: “Good thing we got Lindor outta there,”

Cruz: “Yeah, we’re trying to WIN y’know”

Look at that chain.


Cruz gives Shin-Soo Choo his first ever All-Star hit ball.

All in all, a great look into the dugout during the midsummer classic, something baseball needs to do more.

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