Latest NBA Free Agency News

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  • Zaza Pachulia signs 1 year $2.4 million with Detroit Pistons (Shams)
  • Chicago matches Sacramento’s 4 years $78 million for Zach Lavine. They will $40 million to spend next Summer pending any other moves (K.C. Johnson)
  • Devin Booker has signed a 5-year, $158M maximum contract extension with the Phoenix Suns (Shams)
  • Chicago is trading guard Jerian Grant to Orlando as part of a 3-team deal (Shams)
  • Restricted free agent Jusuf Nurkic has agreed to a four-year, $53M deal with Portland (Yahoo Sports)
  • Tony Parker signs one year deal to join Charlotte (Shams).
  • Ian Clark has agreed to a one-year deal to return to the New Orleans Pelicans, league sources tell Yahoo.
  • Kyle O’Quinn has agreed to a one-year, $4.5M deal with the Indiana Pacers, league sources tell Yahoo (Shams)
  • Houston has waived guard Aaron Jackson, who is expected to pursue a new deal in China (Shams).
  • RFA Raul Neto is signing a two-year, $4.4M deal to return to the Utah Jazz.
  • Dante Exum 3 year $33 million to remain with Jazz (Shams)
  • Philly trades for Wilson Chandler and will also get a future first rounder (Shams)
  • Free agent Tyreke Evans is signing a 1-year, $12M deal with the Indiana Pacers (Shams)
  • Jeff Green has agreed to a one-year, $2.5M deal with the Washington Wizards (Shams)
  • Avery Bradley signs 2 years $25 million contract with LA Clippers (Shams)
  • Demarcus Cousins signs one year $5.3 million with GSW (Shams)
  • Rondo signs one year, $9 million with Lakers (Shams)
  • Wizards have claimed Thomas Bryant off waivers according to Shams
  • Utah inks Derrick Favors to 2 years $36 million with Utah


  • Nerlens Noel signs a 2 year deal with OKC Thunder (Shams)
  • Antony Tolliver signs 1 year 5.75 million deal with T-Wolves (Shams)

The T-Wolves spend hard cap on Tolliver, which means they have no remaining cap space.

  • Wizards have claimed Thomas Bryant off waivers
  • Indiana Pacers have released Al Jefferson, according to Shams
  • Rajon Rondo signs a 1 year $9 million contract
  • Lance Stephenson signs with Lakers (Shams)
  • KCP signs 1 year $12 million with Lakers (Shams)
  • Aaron Gordon signs 4 year $84 million with Magic (Shams)

This most likely means Lonzo is expendable.

  • Lebron James signs a 4 year $154 million contract with Lakers (Klutch Agency Sports)

Guess I was wrong about the Greg Monroe and Amir Johnson core. Welp.

  • Demarcus Cousins in talks with Lakers
  • Clint Capela and Lakers in talks
  • Chris Paul 4 year $160 million with the Rockets (Woj)
  • Will Barton 4 year $54 million with the Nuggets (Shams)
  • Glenn Robinson III signed with Pistons 2 year $8.3 million (Shams)
  • Hawks interested in Zach Lavine
  • T-Wolves and Jimmy Butler agree to 4 years $110 million, to be signed on July 9th
  • Gerald Green signs 1 year $2.4 million with Houston
  • Marco Belinelli agrees to 2 years $12 million with Spurs
  • Trevor Ariza 1 year $15 million contract with Suns (Shams)
  • Paul George signed to 4 years $137 million contract to remain with Thunder (Shams)
  • Aron Baynes agrees to 2 years $11 million deal to stay on Celtics (Shams)
  • Ersan Ilyasova signs 3 years $21 million contract with Bucks,  Shams confirms
  • Kevin Durant signs 2 years $61.5 million contract with Golden State, per Shams
  • Rudy Gay commits to 1 year $10 million with Spurs (Shams)
  • Deandre Jordan signs a 1 year $24.5 million with Dallas (NY Times)
  • Doug McDermott agrees to 3 years $22 million with Indiana (Woj)
  • Joe Harris 2 years $16 million with Nets (Woj)
  • Ed Davis 1 year $4.4 million with Nets (Woj)

June 30

  • David Griffin believes the Lakers are turning their heads towards another star, Demarcus Cousins after seemingly being swept under the rug by PG-13.
  • Pacers are going after Will Barton. The Nuggets are vying to sign him right when the clock hits midnight, Adrian Wojnarowski stated.

After letting Lance Stephenson walk, the Pacers are trying to grab Barton. Barton is a little like Stephenson in that he is a play-maker who can do a little bit of everything.

  • Russell Westbrook is leaving a family vacation in Hawaii to host a party in Oklahoma City. Paul George is attending, per Royce Young.

There is an increasingly high chance George stays in OKC. It looks like the Lakers’ potential big-3 is merely a pipe dream.

  • Thomas Bryant has been released, Shams reported.
  • Tyler Ulis has been released as Suns continue to free salary cap space according to Woj.
  • Lebron doesn’t have a in-person free agency meeting scheduled with the Cavs when July 1st rolls around, according to Dave Mcmenamin
  • Per Yahoo Sports, Lakers are guaranteeing Ivica Zubac’s contract for the coming season.

Los Angeles are aligning themselves to trade for Kawhi with Zubac being involved.

This also means Thomas Bryant’s contract is not being guaranteed.

June 29

  • Per Marc Stein, Warriors eyeing Deandre Jordan (11:03 PM)
  • Trail Blazers decline Shabazz Napier’s extension
  • Deandre Jordan opts out of Clippers contract and has started negotiating with Dallas according to Woj
  • Shams reported that Pacers are guaranteeing Bogan Bogdanovic $10.5 million contract
  • Multiple teams (76ers, Pacers, Jazz) are eyeing Jabari Parker, Gerry Woelfel reports.

Jabari Parker is an intriguing target for teams that want to take a chance. He is looking to sign a three-year deal but will probably receive a one or two year “prove-it” deal this offseason.

  • Lebron James is in the Caribbean jumping off cliffs, and reportedly weighing a free agency decision in the literal and figurative “decision cave”. Brian Windhorst brought us this news. He is with the closest friends of his inner circle.
  • Paul George is having a drink of wine with Dwayne Wade in Ibiza, Spain.

The Instagram of the two was captioned, “Great convo with my guy @ygtrece about his upcoming free agency! I appreciate you sitting down with me to talk about this important decision in your life!#nbabrotherhood”

The Heat star could be recruiting PG to Miami. They have limited cap space but could work out a sign-and-trade involving players like; Tyler Johnson, Josh Richardson, and Kelly Olynyk.

Wade could be hyping up playing with Lebron and how PG would fit in with the superstar. Or they could just be hanging out. We don’t really know and I guess that’s what makes free agency so exhilarating.

  • Joffrey Lavergne declined his $1.6 million player option, Woj tweeted.

He believes his market value is higher than that after a season where he put up 4.1 points and 3.1 rebounds.*

* Lavergne has actually signed with Fenerbahce, a Turkish superpower, reported by Ismail Senol (beIN Sportscaster).

  • Shams Charania announced that Enes Kanter will opt into his $18.6 million player option for next season (7:15 AM).

Kanter averaged 14.1 points and 11.0 rebounds for New York this past season.

This opens up cap space for next offseason but keeps them limited this Summer. They will have max money to go after Kyrie Irving. Steve Mills says the franchise is targeting big-names next free agency. There is always next year for the Knicks.

  • Shams Charania reported that Lebron James opted out of his $35.6 million player option with Cleveland for next season (7:43 AM).

This makes the Lakers and Sixers frontrunners and hurts Cleveland and Houston’s chance at the superstar.

  • Aaron Jackson is retained by the Rockets for $1.4 million, per Shams Charania (6:13 AM).

The team is hoping for a sign and trade for Lebron James, Aaron Jackson is a player who could potentially be included in such a trade.

  • Tania Ganguli, the Lakers beat writer for the Los Angeles Times, has announced the release of Tyler Ennis. This cuts down the Lakers roster size from 8 players to 7.

This opens another roster spot for Kawhi or any other Spur player.

  • Josh Hart tweeted, “Tonight will be crazy.”*

*He later ridiculed “social media analysts” for saying this was about free agency, he stated that the tweet was about Drake’s album releasing tonight.

Will he be a part of the Kawhi trade? Guess we will see tonight.

  • Tania Ganguli also reported that she expects the Lakers to target a veteran point guard in free agency.
    • Tania Ganguli, the Lakers beat writer for the Los Angeles Times, has reported that the Lakers have yet to offer Brandon Ingram as a part of any deal for Kawhi.
  • This is extra surprising, many thought he was the featured piece in a potential swap. Kuzma, Josh Hart, and future first-round pick to the Spurs and Lonzo to another team is most likely what is on the table right now.
  • Stephen A. Smith reported that Lebron James reached out to Kevin Durant via text regarding the possibility of the two playing together* (8:00 AM).

Many people do not believe this happened because Stephen A. Smith does not have a great pedigree when it comes to reporting news. Many would rather hear it from Shams or Woj.

*UPDATE: Joe Vardon, Cleveland Cavaliers Reporter, tweeted that this was untrue information, according to sources close to Lebron. I think I am taking his side over the unreliable Stephen A. Smith.

  • Kawhi Leonard reached out to Lebron James, hyping up his innate defensive skills and his ability to relieve pressure from the superstar,  in accordance with Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports (12:19 PM).
  • Josh Hart tweeted “a ticking time bomb” right around the circulation of Kawhi rumors. “Bombs” is a direct reference to a Woj bomb. With all the news circulating around the Lakers, this could mean anything.
  • Kyle Kuzma tweeted a gif of him shrugging. Originally the Spurs “shut the door” on a trade for Kawhi. The following day, Los Angeles reportedly held a productive phone call with the Spurs.

Presumably, a young Laker player was added to the deal. Him shrugging may suggest that he knows he was offered for Kawhi, his friend Lonzo was being shipped to San Antonio (or Orlando??), or Lebron James is the lead role in the next Avengers cinema.

  • Josh Hart tweeted, @kylekuzma why we the only Lakers that didn’t throw out a pitch for the@Dodgers (questioning face emoji). Laker rookie Mo Wagner responded to the tweet with a single emoji (shrugging emoji).

These tweets make it seem like players are questioning the Lakers’ hierarchy and demanding answers.

  • Josh Hart directed a tweet at former Villanova star, Kris Jenkins, “Yessir San Antonio summer league roster? Time to show them!@Smoove2you_” 

Could Josh Hart be signaling that he’s next up on the Spurs roster? Is he supporting a former teammate who he knows now is his current teammate?

  • Jason Mcintyre confirmed that facilitating teams could include Orlando, Phoenix, Milwaukee, and Charlotte (June 28 1:00 PM). Tim Bontemps reports that the Spurs are “believed to be uninterested” in Lonzo Ball (June 28 6:29 PM).

Those 4 potential facilitating teams lack a true point guard and would welcome Lonzo with open arms. Look for Charlotte to move Kemba if they get Ball and Milwaukee to search for a trade of Eric Bledsoe if Ball arrives.

  • Mavericks rescinded qualifying offer to Salah Mejri (June 28 1:03 PM).

Deandre Jordan could be in the mix for Dallas, he is rumored to opt into his contract to complete a sign and trade to Dallas.

  • Mavericks also hold an interest in the unrestricted free agent, Demarcus Cousins, and restricted free agents Julius Randle and Aaron Gordon, per Woj.
  • Chicago Bulls extended a qualifying offer to David Nwaba, according to Shams Charania (June 28 8:55 AM)
  • Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the Pacers are big players for Magic restricted free agent, Aaron Gordon (June 28 12:12 PM).
  • Orlando drafted yet another big man in the draft, Mo Bamba. Jonathan Isaac and Mo Bamba were drafted under the new management while Gordon was chosen by prior management. There is no word on whether Orlando is to match an offer sheet.Indiana has more than $20 million in cap space and after reaching the Eastern Conference Semifinals are looking for that final puzzle piece.

June 27

  • Trevor Ariza plans to sit down with teams as free agency starts on July 1st, Shams Charania reported (9:33 PM).

It was first reported that Ariza was looking for a 4-year contract in the $50-60 million range. Shams has since disproved that notion.

June 23-26

  • Shams Charania reported that the Pacers declined the $4.3 million team option on Lance Stephenson, making him a free agent (June 25 12:19 PM). Timberwolves, Warriors, and Pacers have high interest for a scorer and defender off the bench. Look for them to keep a close eye as free agency approaches.
  • Nuggets declined team option on Nikola Jokic to sign him to a 5 year $164.5 million contract, per Shams Charania (June 25 6:46 AM). Denver views him as a superstar and franchise centerpiece to attract future free agents to mile high city.
  • Carmelo Anthony opts into $27.9 million next season (June 23 8:55 AM). He may get an increase in minutes next season if Paul George decides to choose LA as his next destination.
  • Originally, the Pacer forward was deciding whether he would accept or decline his team option for 13.7 million.

After further examination of the market, Young chose to accept the option and will be a Pacer next season. He probably would have been paid in the $7-10 million range over 4 years if he had declined.

  • Sacramento Kings are reportedly interested in signing the restricted free agent, Lavine, to a max-level contract.

It is not known whether Chicago would match a max contract for Zach Lavine. Lavine was involved in the Jimmy Butler trade alongside the 2017 number 7 pick (Lauri Markkanen) and Kris Dunn. Currently, management is weighing the decision.

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