Speculation of Lebron to LA

For a while now, it seems as if Lebron will be headed out West. There are plenty of factors that has lead to speculation about Lebron’s next destination. This year, there will be no decision or a penned letter to Sports Illustrated. In fact, no one really knows how Lebron is going to announce his next pit-stop in an illustrious career. We do know the favorites though and it is clear that Lebron has narrowed it down to 2 or 3 teams. Those teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Philadelphia 76ers. The once favorited Houston Rockets have fallen behind in the race as a result of complicated money-crunching (of course you never know with mathematical wiz Daryl Morey). The Boston Celtics are Lebron’s perpetual rival and jettisoning to join his rivals seems too much like a KD move for the King.

The Sports Alien have been speculating heavily that LeBron would leave Cleveland after the year, and as time went on it became more and more apparent that the Lakers are the top option. Why is that so? Let’s break it down.

Why are the Lakers in First Place?

  • One of Lebron’s inner circle member, known as @Cuffsthelegend on Twitter, made numerous tweets that confirm Lebron’s next move to LA. Here’s what they said:

@CariChampion How you gonna act? (Trophy emoji).

@KyleKuzma (Trophy emoji) time.

will be the highest selling NBA jersey of all time (crown emoji)

Only Witness tees. No team apparel.

Okay, so not that incriminating right? Wrong, Lebron’s friend is so close to Lebron that Lebron tweeted at him on 7/2/16 “S/O the homie @CuffstheLegend!! U already know what it is!! Day 1.

@CuffstheLegend also predicted Lebron’s monumental move to Cleveland months before it happened.

  • Gary Payton leaked news that Lebron James Jr. (Bronny) signed a letter of intent to play at Sierra Canyon next season, which is only a 20-minute drive from Staples Center. Lebron has said on numerous occasions that his next move was about his family and his family only. Fill in the dots.

Why is Lebron staying in his hometown?

  • Just a few days ago, Lebron changed his Twitter to an Akron theme. His background is splattered with him in a Saint Mary’s jersey, “Just a kid from Akron” blurb, him as a little kid running through a sprinkler in Akron, and other Akron-based pictures. His profile picture is him shooting a free throw freshman or sophomore year of high school. Is Lebron staying true to his roots or is this a sign?

It’s pretty crazy the amount of speculation is done by the media in determining where a 33-year-old guy is moving. But this is Lebron James and he is worth around $400 million.

Hey, who knows his last tweet was about Bronny James in South Beach. Is he taking his talents back to South Beach? After all, it’s where people usually go to retire.

Christian and Andrew both believe Lebron is headed to LA. Give the SportsAlien™ some credit when it happens.

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