Trump wants a “Space Fleet”

While everybody has been complaining about Trump and how he is the worst person ever and a misogynist and all that jazz, my dude has been making moves. Turns out the guy has been actually doing a pretty good job with all the Korea stuff and the economy. But everybody still hates him because he fucked a pornstar or two in the past.

But the other day he threw down a bombshell that caught my eye. Donnie announced that we need a “space fleet”. Now everybody is freaking out like he’s crazy or something, but people need to realize that the word “need” means something else in American politics. We need a budget, and a military, and equal rights yea sure. But we “need” a fuckton if nuclear weapons and we “need” to win the Olympics every year, and you’re goddam right we “need” a space fleet.

When Trump announced this I only had one thought in my mind: sign me the fuck up. You’re telling me you don’t want to be sent into space with some sweet weapons like this is Independence Day or something? Who cares if nobody else has one, we’ll be the first like we are with everything because we’re the fuckin US of A. I am personally very excited for this space fleet wether I am in it or not. This is just a bigger slap in the face to every country including Kim’s and Putin’s.

Fuck anybody who tries to knock this down. If we don’t have the money we can just borrow it from China that’s what we always do.

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