The Case Against the NBA

Last night the warriors beat the rockets in Houston to take game seven and advance to their 4th straight NBA finals. The previous night, the Cavaliers beat the Celtics advancing to their 4th straight NBA finals. For the fourth goddam year in a row it’s gunna be the Cavs-Warriors and it straight up sucks.

One of the great things about sports is the diversity that comes with winning. Every year you get different teams coming in and out of championships and you have great teams do poorly, and poor teams do great. Everybody loves underdogs, and everybody respects a dynasty, but the NBA is something different.

You could say that what I’m talking about exists in all sports and is not an NBA problem. Alabama is the top tier team in college football and the New England Patriots are the top program in the NFL. But every year they are challenged by someone new. Two years ago it was the falcons, who lost to the pats, and last year it was the eagles, who won and are currently super bowl champs. Then you say, the rockets and the celtics were short handed that’s why they couldn’t finish off the cavs and warriors in the conference finals. Well how about back up qb Nick Foles stepping in for superstar Carson Wentz when he went down and still winning? It doesn’t matter who these teams play, they will always end up in the championship.

And that’s the worst part about this. We can start off every year thinking and hoping who is going to be in the ship. We pray that our hometown team somehow makes a push, but the reality is that if you’re not from the Bay Area or Cleveland, you’re going to be disappointed.

It’s not the warriors or cavs fault either. It’s the job of an NBA team to recruit the best players and the best coaches to try and make it to a championship every year. The warriors have a great coach in Steve Kerr, and all star studded line-up and the cavs have, ya know …. Lebron James.

Basketball is an awesome sport, but the NBA is just spiraling out of control. Remember when Chris Paul tried to go to the lakers but the NBA commish stopped that because he wanted to even out the teams? I absolutely hated it. I thought that teams should be able to do anything they wanted. But now I wish that this happened more often to stop super teams like the cavs and the warriors. There were 4 good teams in the league this year: Cavs, warriors, celtics, rockets. Everybody knew these were the 4 teams that would end up playing for conference championships. I’m not sure what needs to happen but somebody needs to get on this ish.

Can’t wait for March Madnesss tho. They have got it figured out.

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