Takeaways from the Two Game 7s

Here we are again after a wonderful Memorial Day weekend turning the corner into the summer, and with the start of summer comes the start of the NBA finals. If you’ve been under a rock, Lebron and the Lebronettes face off against the Warriors for the fourth (4!) straight year. Everybody knew this going into the season, and while maybe there was a moment of doubt when the Rockets and Celtics looked good I think in the back of our minds we all knew that it didn’t matter. The regular season has basically become a bunch of organized pick up games, it has absolutely zero meaning. The so-called best team ever 73-9 Warriors didn’t even win a championship two years ago, and this year we had GM Lebron literally going 2K mode and trading all the players on his team every 30 games. Congrats to the Raptors on their one seed and then getting swept by Lebron for the 16th straight year and firing their coach because… because I don’t know.

Anyone who watched the playoffs, especially both conference finals series, has to say that the NBA is rigging these playoff games through the refs and made sure they both went to seven. I think Lebron knows this too and that’s why it looks like he’s not even trying half the time. I mean, how many different tweets about Scott Foster do we need to see? Plus, watching the games the referees are completely one-sided, they’ll call a touch foul on one end then see I guy get hit like he was coming across Ed Reed’s zone and they’ll chalk it up to “good defense.” It’s getting ridiculous.

Lebron has separated himself as the best basketball player alive by a huge margin and the best basketball player of all-time. That picture of him having like eight bags of ice while Jordan Clarkson and J.R. Smith hold the trophy like they did something settled it for me. J.R. Smith hit like one three in game four or something and then swagger walked like he’s not on the team only because Lebron kind of likes him a little. Now, this doesn’t mean the he’s the GOAT, Jordan’s still my GOAT for a coupe of reasons, 6-0 in the finals, the complete and utter domination of the 90s Bulls, Jordan Brand, and I think Jordan has way more of a killer instinct and is much more of a competitor. Lebron was on the cover of SI when he was like 12, Jordan got cut from the varsity team, so for me part of greatness is overcoming adversity, and I will re-evaluate this when LBJ retires but until then Jordan’s my GOAT.

I am a big KD guy, I think watching him is incredible as he’s a seven-footer who doubles as the best scorer in the league. While he didn’t have terrible numbers because he can get an 18-footer off no problem and he makes it every time, he didn’t get the ball down the stretch in games 4 and 5, when they were down two in game 4 and then 1 and 3 in two possession in game 5. How does the best scorer on earth not take the shot or even touch the ball? This is where KD’s weakness of not being an alpha and deferring to teammates hurts him. Steph is the Warriors’ guy, and he showed it in game 7. Also, as tons of people have said KD will just stand at the top of the key and go iso while the Warriors run no offense. The Cavs will figure out a way to stop this so KD’s gotta figure out what he’s doing.

The Celtics fought very hard, and probably could’ve won the game if not for their youth. Lebron pulled away in the end and the Cavs won by eight, but let’s take a look at the Celtics shots down the stretch. With just over 2:30 left, Marcus Morris hit a free throw to put them down four then: Morris missed free throw, offensive rebound, Morris missed three, offensive rebound, Rozier missed three (who was 0-8 from three at that point), Cavs go down LBJ hits a free throw, Celts come back another Rozier missed three and LBJ passes to George Hill who makes a two to put the Cavs up 7 and a dagger in the Celt’s heart. Now, I know good shooters should keep shooting no matter how bad they’re doing, but I don’t know if Terry Rozier falls in the category yet. Maybe, we need to rethink this rule too after the Rockets threw 29 straight threes into the Gulf of Mexico last night.

Jayson Tatum is still a bad man though. He’s 20 and the best player on the Celtics. He’ll probably be the second-best player on the team behind Kyrie next year, he’s a great scorer and has a ton of room to improve. He’s already dunked on Lebron and I think that if Lebron leaves he takes over the East, and even if Lebron stays he and the Celtics will have a real good chance at him with a starting five of Kyrie/Jaylen/Hayward/Tatum/Horford.

Lastly, there’s only 100 more days until football starts so we’ll be there soon. Enjoy your summers and then we can get back to a real sport played by real men where every game counts.

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