Cavs’ Role Players Key to a Game 7 Victory

So how much is Lebron scoring? This question is relentlessly asked as Lebron ventures into his 7th career game 7. Our short term memory tells us Lebron will have another dominating performance, upping his record to 6-2 all time.

The over/under for points Lebron scores tonight is an inconceivable 38 points, the highest for any player ever. I almost regurgitated my coffee reading this line. But then I thought, is there anyway Lebron folds under pressure and has a 2011 Mavericks-Heat breakdown. No, not this Lebron. This Lebron is peak Lebron, obliterating anything and everything in his path, even The Alchemist. In the end, Lebron is realizing his destiny in game 7 just as the main character actualized in The Alchemist.

Lebron is embarking another Shakespearean story this off-season, will he betray his hometown team to join forces with a stacked superteam? His decision is contingent on whether the Cavs role players show up and grit out a win in Beantown. Players beyond their heyday; George Hill and Jeff Green, Lakers scraps; Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson, and overpaid celebrities; Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith will have to play pivotal roles. 

Coach Ty Lue will have to remember Cleveland’s second most significant player, Kyle Korver. Korver boasts a myriad of skill sets for Cleveland, he is 2nd in true shooting percentage and block percentage, 3rd in offensive rating, and 4th in game score.

In light of all these impressive statistics, J.R. Smith has played 44 more minutes despite possessing a minus 14 in the series. Korver’s defense is good enough to keep Smith off the court for extended periods of time. Time for Lue to come to the realization that Earl Smith III is washed up at this point.

Marcus Smart let the media, and the Cavs, know that game 7 wasn’t going to be a cakewalk, “It’s not going to be pretty. You got to be able to get down and get dirty. You can’t go out and try to look pretty. You have to be ready for a dogfight.” Be ready for a Dennis Rodman like save, at least one Lebron scuffle, and an inspired Boston crowd chanting “refs you suck” until Marc Davis’ ears bleed. Not to sound like Bill Simmons, but there is absolutely zero things better than a game 7 in the Garden.

Statistically, Tristan Thompson matches up with Horford better than anyone else on the planet. With Thompson on the court this series, Horford scored 13 points, shooting 30% with a minus 17 in 59 minutes. Horford’s stats with Thompson off the court skyrocketed to 29 points, shooting 71% with a plus 25 in 36 minutes. Lue would be wise to play Thompson at least 30 minutes, as Horford will either wear down Lebron or bully a smaller Nance Jr.

There is no player that excels at home but stinks at away games quite like George Hill. George Hill posseses a minus 42 at The Garden and a plus 33 at Quicken Loans. The Garden’s rims seem to have a distaste for Hill’s shots, at Quicken Loans he’s shot 17-32, while at The Garden he’s shot 4-13. Hill being aggressive from the tip and attacking the rim could have Cleveland leading early.

Well, I just signed out of my Bovada account having bet the over on Lebron dropping 38 points.

By no means does that signify a Cavaliers victory.

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