Kevin Love Ruled out for Game 7

Kevin Love has been ruled out for game 7 of the Cavalier vs. Celtics due to a concussion he suffered in a head-to-head collision with Jayson Tatum. This is a monumental loss to Lebron’s Cavaliers, as the team will now be forced to play Larry Nance and Jeff Green exclusively at the power forward position.

Ty Lue seems perpetually confused with who should be receiving crunch-time playoff minutes. This brings to mind whether the Cavaliers will play forwards that have not been key components to the series thus far, like Rodney Hood. Hood was featured in the 25 point loss in game 4. He went 5-12 and while having a minus 8 for the game.

Kevin Love put up an underwhelming 5 points on all free throws. Jeff Green, on the other hand, played solid, producing 14 points 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

There are two sides to the Jeff Green coin. Heads is the explosive, Oklahoma City Jeff Green. While tails is the athletic, one-dimensional D-Leaguer.

Green, 3-12 from 3, will need to hit on open three’s which the Celtics will surely give to him. In wins he is plus 10, playing with an aggressive mindset, shooting 19 shot times.

In losses he’s -13, only shooting 12 times. If Jeff Green is aggressive and looks the part of a rejuvenated player, the Cavs will succeed.

Losing Kevin Love is a devastating blow to a shorthanded Cavs team. The Jeff Green we see in game 7 will be a key determinant to whether Cleveland is headed to Cancun or the Finals.

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