Bernie Sanders to Run in 2020

Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders announced that he would again run for the office of the presidency in the 2020 election. Bernie throws his name into a ring that includes the likes of Oprah, Kanye, sitting president Donald Trump, and possibly Mark Cuban. I really like the move from Bernie here, getting way ahead of it and declaring more than two years before election day. Kind of like a coach that sends a scholarship to an eighth grader, Bernie gets the first mover advantage as if you were to go and live under a rock until election day you’d probably vote for Bernie because you would know anyone else on the ticket. Or maybe you would because they’re all celebrities. I don’t know.

One thing that’s for sure is Bernie’s been watching the tape. He’s been studying, back at the drawing board, endless nights reflecting on what went well and what didn’t go well. We saw in the last election the Trump might’ve broken the “blue wall” with states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Others. This, I believe, was largely due to Trump’s willingness to make multiple campaign in those pivotal swing states in the week heading up to the election. People these days can’t remember what they did last week so for Trump to come in with his passionate words and out-of-the-box ideas led to enough people being swung to vote for him. Meanwhile, some said Hillary was “tired” and “out of energy” and some people just put it straight on the fact that women can’t last as long as men do which I can attest is 100% false.

I think Hillary grew complacent. She saw Trump and thought there were literally no way she couldn’t win so she decided that she didn’t need to go the extra mile or whatever that she might have going after a more formidable opponent. After all, she’s been in politics for a long time and we’ve never had a guy like Trump win, so she thought she’d be able to take it off the strength of her name and the background of her experience which for the first time no one gave a fuck about. People didn’t want another Bush or Clinton in office because in all honestly those presidents have been terrible and not that Trump isn’t but at least he a breath of fresh air for a minute. Eh, maybe more like a second.

I am strongly in the camp that if Bernie had won the democratic primary. He was the outsider we needed. Clinton was too by the book, afraid to get in the mud. I was talking to a friend of mine who is an avid Trump supporter before the third debate in 2016 between Trump and Hillary, and I asked him what he thought we see: “Trump’s going to come out swinging,” he said, “He has absolutely nothing to lose.” And sure enough he did giving us some of the most outrageous debate moments in history. This is why I think the DNC fucked up when they rigged the primary for Hillary (which isn’t surprising because the DNC is pretty incompetent but the RNC isn’t much better with their 15,000 speakers each convention). Bernie would’ve been able to give it back to Trump rather than just sitting there with a robotic smile acting like what Trump said didn’t matter because he wasn’t a real threat. Bernie would not have been this way, he would’ve fought tooth and nail until he was in the presidency. Hillary thought she was a shoe-in, and it’s not a gender thing like Trump supporters will say, it’s that she’s a Clinton and was Secretary of State and all the other things.

I guess the DNC thought that if they made Bernie their candidate it would turn people towards Trump? I mean, clearly this didn’t work as Trump ended up winning, but I don’t know who thought that people would look at Bernie v. Trump and think that racist misogynistic bigot is better than kind-of socialist. Instead people thought outsider is better than insider, but Bernie could’ve been that outsider that the people wanted and probably would’ve backed down a little on some of his stronger views to pull over voters. What it came down to is one party looked at this crazy fucked up world we live in and said fuck it let’s do something crazy while the other simply played by the rules and lost.

So, I’m excited for Bernie. I am a self-proclaimed Bernie Bro and while I am nowhere close to most of his following on the political spectrum I think that he’s a good shake up to the Washington we know. I think he would be like Trump minus the horrible shit and be able to actually hold the White House together. Yes, he might be roadblocked by Congress and what not, but we’ll see if the house or senate flips in 2018 or 2020 that could give him a much better shot. I’ve been waiting for three years now for Bernie v. Trump and folks, we’re finally going to get it.


P.S. Some guy was sitting next to me on the train watching me write this and seem flummoxed.

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