Is Anything Better than Sunday Night Football?

So it came out today that Sunday Night Football is the highest rated show on television for the 7th straight year, and I didn’t read the article so I don’t know how they determine rankings or if it was just among sports but it begs me to ask: Is Anything Better than Sunday Night Football?

The Sunday Scaries are hitting and you’re dreading having to go to class or head into work on Monday. But then, you hear Carrie Underwood’s majestic voice and the bum-bum-bumbumbum-buuuum that leads us into Al and Cris shooting the shit and Cris Collinsworth being the most polarizing commentary guy of all-time. I mean, you either love the guy or you really, really hate him, there is no in between. Personally, I love the guy, and that weird fucking voice he uses when he gets really excited about a play or even a very basic cut done by a receiver that I used to do during 1on1s back in the day. And you have to love Al Michaels, if you don’t, fuck you.

All day you’ve been betting and the gambling gods have either been pleasant or they’ve made you dread that text from your bookie. But, here comes Sunday Night Football, the perfect place to make a ridiculous bet because you’re up so much or double down on your losses to make it all back. Nothing like the thrill of becoming the world’s biggest Texan fan because they’re facing off with the Jags and you loved the +3.5 they were getting at home. And then the Jags win by 4 and no you REALLY can’t stomach that texts that’s coming in approx. 11 AM tomorrow.

The only other thing that comes close is GoT, but they’re not releasing the newest season until like 2023 or something dumb like that so for now all we can do is wait for the first time the Al welcomes us back to the greatness of Sunday Night Football.

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