CNN calls Trump a “Velociraptor”

Last night on CNN Tonight, John Feeley hit President Trump with an absolute statement. The former US ambassador to Panama called Trump a “Velociraptor” during his explanation on why he left his spot as an ambassador. Feeley also claimed that he is the boss and “If you don’t show him deference, he kills you.”

Now I don’t know much about Trump’s relationship with Feeley or what the word “deference” means, but if there is one thing I know its dinosaurs. If you want to take a guy like Trump and put him down by calling him things, a dinosaur is the last thing you should call him because that is just fuel for the fire. Have you seen any of the Jurassic Park movies? Those things called “velociraptors” are undefeated and literally tear apart anything including other dinosaurs. Their friggin killing machines. Trump is probably sitting in the oval office with a beaming sense of pride that his former Ambassador to Panama called him one of these.

Trump himself is one of the most controversial leaders of the last century, and many people have a problem with him whether its him being in office or his methods. But if you have paid ANY attention to him over the last couple years, you know that he absolutely loves to take insults. He soaks insults like the Hulk soaks bullets. The only thing he loves more than insults are compliments. And this is going probably as bad for Feeley as possible right about now because his attempt at an insult is really a compliment to the big fella.

In his interview Feeley kept trying to take the conversation away from his comments about President Trump and focus on his decision to step down as an Ambassador. Well guess what pal, you just opened up a can of worms that isn’t getting closed anytime soon. Your problem with the president was that his is too hostile and not a generous enough leader. You think calling him a velociraptor is gunna change any of that? That’s like the best compliment ever!  I for one am glad that you called him this. You think anybody is gunna fuck with a dinosaur, better yet, a goddam velociraptor? No chance. Put this guy on meteor watch because that’s the only thing that can take down this beauty of the leader of the free world.

You swing at the King, you best not miss, and Johnny Boy over here just missed hard. Bring it on Russia or North Korea. Oh you have nuclear missiles? Yea we have a fucking velociraptor. USA just upped the ante.

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