Should we fire Peanut Spillman?

Peanut Spillman is a polarizing character to a lot of our fans worldwide. With our fan base building by the freaking second, fans are calling for the head of Peanut Spillman.

This is a guy who said the royal family “doesn’t do shit and has literally no power.” Last time I checked brainwashing 2 billion people counts as power, Peanut.

Also, this dude just randomly joined the website and miraculously hacked the blog to publish his first post. What happens when Spillman posts his next article, “Dwayne the rock Johnson should die in his next movie,” well then he couldn’t be the next president and Kanye would win instead and our country would turn into poopity-scoop.

Peanut Spillman is making me worry for the future of the United States.

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