A Look at the Best Series’ in Baseball this Week

We all know that the baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint. This leads many people to call April and May games pointless as many say the season doesn’t start until September. However, these early games can have a big impact late in the season as teams fight hard to make up one or two games. Each week, I am going to be looking at some of the series’ that could have playoff impact, as well as just plain good series around the MLB.

Braves at Phillies (5/21-5/23)

The Phillies took the first one of the series yesterday behind a dominant performance by 25-year-old Nick Pivetta. The Phils currently still sit a half game back of the Braves but have a chance to make up some ground in the last two games of the series.

Projected Starters

5/22- McCarthy v. Velasquez

5/23- Gohara v. Arrieta

Indians at Cubs (5/22-5/23)

In a rematch of the 2016 World Series, the Cubs and Indians square off for a two-game set in Wrigley. The Indians have struggled so far this year but still sit in first place in the AL Central while the Cubs are in the thick of a tough NL Central.

Projected Starters

5/22- Bauer v. Chatwood

5/23- Plutko v. Lester

DBacks at Brewers (5/21-5/23)

Both these teams have had hot starts and breakout star Chase Anderson for the Brewers beat Zack Greinke in the first game of three last night. This series could have NL wild card implications if the Dodgers stay hot and get back into the fold.

Projected Starters:

5/22- Koch v. Chafin

5/23- Godley v. Suter

Astros at Indians (5/24-5/27)

A rematch of last year’s ALCS pits the Astros who have started their season off strong again with the help of Justin Verlander who leads the MLB in just about every pitching category. We’ll see how back to back series with the Cubs and Astros treat the struggling Indians. If Verlander v. Kluber comes true that will be a match up for the ages.

Projected Starters:

5/24- Morton v. Clevinger

5/25- Verlander v. Kluber

5/26- Keuchel v. Carrasco

5/27- McCullers Jr. v. Bauer

Angels at Yankees (5/25-5/27)

The Angels head cross-country to the Bronx to face a red hot Yankees team in a series that could be a playoff preview or with both teams currently in tight divisional races. Series’ like these could be important for the Angels as they need to prove that they can play with the big boys if they want to be taken seriously.

Projected Starters:

5/25- Richards v. Gray

5/26- Heaney v. German

5/27- Skaggs v. Severino

Cardinals at Pirates (5/25-5/27)

A match up between two of the four teams battling it out in the NL Central (Sorry Reds), the Cards head to PNC for three. The Cardinals have seen breakout years from Mike Mikolas and Ryan Flaherty as well as some of their other young pitchers like Luke Weaver and gasser Jordan Hicks whose 105 mph fastballs are literally uncatchable.

Projected Starters:

5/25- Gant v. Musgrove

5/26- Mikolas v. Nova

5/27- Weaver v. Taillon

Braves at Red Sox (5/25-5/27)

A fun interleague series here, the best in the NL Braves head to Fenway for three against a proven Red Sox team. Much like the Angels, the Braves need to prove they can hang with the big guys, and they have so far this season but their young team can still show through at times.

Projected Starters:

5/25- Teheran v. Rodriguez

5/26- Foltynewicz v. Pomeranz

5/27- McCarthy v. Sale

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